Comprehensive Coverage

What Is Comprehensive Coverage And What Does It Cover?

People are more possessive about their cars than anything else. Even if someone scratches on the car a little bit, they get a mini heart attack. So, its better to but some insurance so that these accidental damages to the car can be paid with ease. For that purpose, Comprehensive insurance is the best coverage to get. It helps you to pay for the car repair or replace any damage other than collision. It covers vandalism, falling objects, fire damage, etc. If you have lent a car, then your lender will definitely demand a comprehensive coverage. When looking for a reliable and beneficial insurance policy than you should consider comprehensive coverage.

What Is Covered by Comprehensive Insurance?

It covers car damage other than the collision (accident you caused) such as:


Whether the damage is small as a key scratch or big one such as smashed window, comprehensive will pay for the repair. Just send your insurer a mail or message and then they will tell you what to do.

Car stolen:

If your car is stolen, without insurance there is no one to cover for that loss. Comprehensive insurance covers this loss.

Natural disaster damage:

Comprehensive Coverage
Hail Damage

Whether you are a good or bad driver you can’t control the weather, such as if hail damages your car its not your fault at all. And if a tree falls that car will be damaged severely, in that case, comprehensive coverage provides help in covering the damage cost due to weather.

Civil disturbance in the cities.

It is optional to buy an insurance policy and it may cost extra money, but it can save your money in case of damage.

What Is not covered:

Damage caused by an accidental collision

Damage to another person’s car that you damaged accidentally.

Medical expenses after an accident

Working of covering insurance

1. A tree  falls on  your vehicle

Let’s suppose that the tree trunk falls on the roof of your car and causes about $5,000 of damage.

2. You file a coverage claim

You request a claim to your insurer to pay for the damage cost. You can claim online, by calling, mobile app or email, etc. and depending upon your insurer.

3. Your car is repaired

In case you have applied for $1,000 deductible. You would have to pay the $1,000, the remaining money will be paid by your insurer.

Questions to consider

Can you afford to buy a new car?

If an animal has damaged your car, will you be able to buy a new car or repair the damage on your own? If not, buy comprehensive insurance then you will only have o pay the cost of deductibles.

Is it more expensive?

However, many people don’t go for comprehensive coverage because they think it costs much. It is merely a misconception that insurance costs more than the other policies. Its price is the same as others sometimes If you shop you can find better deals that will suit you very well.

What could affect the price?

There are many conditions that can affect the price of insurance policy, these are below:

Age of person – Those who are new drivers or are young have to pay more because of they more likely will meet an accident.

Type of vehicle – Higher performance vehicles having bigger engines, will usually bump the price of the insurance.

Annual mileage – Mileage increases as you travel more, the more you drive in the road the chances of damage will be more so the price increases.

Previous convictions – The price will increase if you ever get a speeding ticket or convicted while driving.

Advantages of comprehensive coverage:

Comprehensive coverage is a beneficial policy to secure the future in case of damage. It has man advantages:

In case of any mishap, such as tornado, flood, extreme weather changes, hail, acid rain, etc. you just have to pay for deductibles and other will be paid by the insurer.

Those people who live near to forest or a place with abundant with animals, there are more chances of damage, so comprehensive insurance also covers for that damage.

You just have to pay a small amount every year, to save you from the sudden disaster.

In case of fire, the car damage will be also covered.

When your car is stolen and you can’t get it back, the insurance policy will help you buy a new car as the previous one.

Disadvantages of Comprehensive insurance:

When you meet an accident even if is not caused by you, you will have to pay for damages.

The third-party damage will also be on you.

Additionally, the medical expenses are also put on your shoulders.

In short, its disadvantages are very small as compared to its advantages, and comprehensive insurance is the policy everyone should have for their car policy as an addon.