flat tire

How far can you drive on a flat tire?

Flat Tire – Have you ever noticed the indication of tire pressure monitoring light while driving? The turning on of this light indicates a drop in your tire pressure. Under such a situation, your heart starts pumping fast and you start looking at the side of the road/highway to find a safe place to stop your car. What if you couldn’t find a safe place and the subsequent rest stop is 15 miles? Is it safe to keep driving on a flat tire? Here in this article, we will answer all these questions to help you know how far can you drive on a flat wheel. Let’s have a look.

If the air in your tire is completely lost, then it will not just harm the tire but may also put you in trouble. A flat tire fails to provide the same control or traction as it does when fully inflated, and can result in an accident. But if there is some air in the tire, then it is safe to keep driving the car until you reach a tire repair shop. Don’t forget to stop your car after every mile to check the remaining air or pressure of the tire. If you notice a completely flat tire, then don’t drive further. Simply call a towing service to get immediate help.

The negative consequences of driving on a flat tire

Damage to the tire

Tire manufacturersadvice replacing a car tire right away when it becomes flat. Sufficient air is required in the tire to support the vehicle’s weight. A very little or no air in the tire can cause damage to its internal structure and the inside material of the tire will be damaged beyond repair.

If your tire has become flat due to a tread puncture of up to 1/4 –inch in diameter, then it can be repaired. But the tires with large cuts, internal damage, and sidewall punctures are required to be replaced. Here it is pertinent to mention that internal damage can only be seen upon the dismounting of a tire. So, you need to be careful whenever you observe a drop in your tire pressure.

Damage to the rims

Driving a car with a flat tire means you are driving on the rims. It means you maybe bending or completely damaging your rims.

Damage to the car

Your car will be prone to damage if you keep driving it with an extremely ruined flat tire for a prolonged period. As already stated, driving on a flat tire can expose the rims and flailing of a tire around the wheel, which will ultimately damage expensive and important components like brake lines, suspension parts, rotors, and fenders.

You may perhaps lose control and cause injury to you or others

The last consequence of driving on a flat is most destructive. A flat tire can cause unsafe handling and loss over the vehicle’s control. Damage to suspension components or brake lines can lead to erratic vehicle behavior. Both of them can result in an accident that will hurt you or others.