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Is It Bad to Tow A Car In Parking Gear?

Towing a car is a way of transporting a damaged car by using another car. There are wreckers, recovery cars, tow trucks that are fit for the job.

Also, there are different out-fittings and of these ‘tow trucks’ to help transport the car.

You can tow cars, RVs, light trucks, and others by using a dolly that holds the back and front wheels of the car being towed. The dolly connects to the towing car’s hitch, which changes the dollied car into a trailor.

Using a tow strap or a tow rope is an affordable way to tow a car back onto the road. The rope helps connect the vehicles at strong points to allow the stronger vehicle to drag the weaker vehicle.

The law enforcement frowned at this method. But it was used on public streets often by those who don’t have enough funds. Although it’s risky and you need a lot of practice to carry out the job efficiently and safely.

So is it bad to tow a car in parking gear?

Yes, towing a car in a parking gear will destroy a lot of things.

If it’s in Parking gear, the drive wheels will slide, destroying the linkages and tires all. Also, it can destroy the transmission too. While parked, there’s a pawl within the transmission that goes into a slot to keep the car and transmission in place. If you tow with the wheels down, it will damage the pawl.

If it’s placed in Neutral, it will turn everything. But the automatic transmission needs the engine to run so the oil can spread through the transmission. There’ll be no damage if the tow is about hundred yards or less such as when your car is pulled up onto the dolly, flatbed or pulled it into the garage for repairs.

Tow trucks have several devices to get a secured car with the transmission in park and a parking brake exerted onto a truck. They can unlock the vehicle door – it’s quite simple with the correct tools – and free the gear shift. Also, they can lift up the drive wheels and place a dolly beneath the wheels and several other tricks to tow the car without destroying the drivetrain.

How to tow a car safely?

There are several ways of towing a car, but some are better for specific circumstances than others. Tow straps are ideal for pulling a vehicle out of snow, mud, or sand. But they aren’t ideal for driving on the road. Further, tow dollies are an affordable way to tow front wheel drive car. But they aren’t good for 4WD or AWD trucks and cars.

For these types of applications, you need a trailer to tow the vehicle.

•    Check local laws to make sure using a tow strap is not prohibited.

•    Disentangle the tow rope and place it in front of the car.

•    Check if the tow rope is damaged.

•    Find the car’s “recovery point” on both frames.

•    Run the strap over a recovery point on the broken vehicle.

•    Place the tow car in front of the broken car.

•    Fasten the tow rope to the rear of the tow vehicle.

•    Slowly drag the tow car forward till the rope or strap is tight.

•    Place a blanket or jacket on the strap.

•    Slowly drag the damaged car

Place the damaged car is in neutral. The strap will drag the car close to the tow car. This will let the driver of the damaged car direct the brakes to avoid a collision as you tow. Make sure you use a tow strap to drag the car a short distance.

If you’re covering a long distance, make you use a trailer or a dolly. When you’ve finished, disengage the tow straps.